Business Solution Team

Shape PUMA Business Solutions

To continuously make PUMA stronger and faster, PUMA Business Solutions drives change, delivering solutions through cross-functional projects. As the Business Solutions team, we offer support which exposes us to a multitude of projects, all with varying demands. In order to introduce effective changes, our process and project managers are in constant exchange with the teams. We're enablers, often working with teams to help them achieve their goals.

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passionate about systems

PUMA is constantly moving forward and our role is to constantly look for better and faster processes and systems. We evaluate and support cross-functional projects to ensure a fit into our vision of the PUMA enterprise architecture.
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Love the Challenge

We take challenges with a smile, because we love finding solutions. And who wouldn't, when you can be part of shaping PUMA's future by driving cross-functional projects globally. 
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Challenges don't announce themselves ahead of time, so it's all the more important to push us forward and deliver quick solutions to solve them.
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global project management

Our young, open and diverse team fits perfectly to our function as global team that deals with all partners within PUMA and even beyond. For instance, we collaborate closely with our IT colleagues and have global project management offices to ensure and drive fast solutions. 
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A Broad View

PUMA Business Solutions is a good entry point to get the whole PUMA picture in a short time and to see changes you worked on happen quickly. Due to our dynamic team, you won't have to wait for things to do.


Time to Shine

Each and every one of us is empowered to have an impact on PUMA. Talent is an opportunity to shine, no matter the position, because everyone can take ownership of an important project.

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Changing Tracks

To drive global processes, you need to get people from all departments and locations on board. For us, that involves a lot of communication and travel.