PUMA Design

Our mission is to deliver the greatest product and experiences that help our athletes perform better and empower our consumers.

Our mantra Forever Faster drives us to stay ahead. 

The future of sportswear design is ours:

to explore relentlessly, predict constantly and to

influence by bringing new innovations to athletes.

Stefano Favaro

PUMA is a brand that gives voice to people, therefore embracing cultures and opinion. It's a great platform for those who have ideas and passion to share them.

Stefano Favaro, Creative Director Teamsport & Motorsport


PUMA employees discussing

curiosity to   question

PUMA employees talking

empathy to understand

PUMA employees providing solutions

commitment to challenge

PUMA employees creating

creativity to solve

Our Design Principles

Our principles help us making the right decisions in fulfilling our commitment to the athlete and consumer, while helping to ensure what we do is unmistakably PUMA.

Keep It Simple

Simple means distilling a concept down to its essential elements. Form and graphics are used to create the iconic character. Less often is more.

Make It Powerful

Powerful design makes a statement by its very existence. It is made of deep and undeniably strong ideas. Its functional elements resonate, stir emotion, stand out and demand attention.


Create something Relevant

Relevant design has a pure benefit for its athletes and consumers. Its ability to meet performance needs, stylistic needs or both makes it truly desirable.

Be Courageous

Courageous design imagines beyond the brief and persists in the midst of opposition. It trusts creative instinct in fearless pursuit of fresh ideas.


Make it fast

Strive to be Forever Faster. Evoke speed. Be it through streamlined graphics, aerodynamic structure, fast function, or by staying ahead of styling trends.

Our Design PROCESS

The Brief

Great design starts with a brief that identifies a problem our athletes and consumers have, and how we can solve it. With evoSPEED, we aimed to create the lightest football boot ever made while retaining PUMA performance and durability.

Initial Sketches

Our design is unmistakably PUMA. In evoSPEED, we sought the representation of our principles in nature. We found inspiration in the dragonfly: lightweight, fast and powerful. Specifically, we narrowed in on wing transparency and colors.

Idea Development

To make a viable product, we think of producibility as well. Here, we had to find the lightest possible material, both durable, but transparent like the dragonfly’s wing. Together with our Developers, we search for ways to achieve this.


When presenting our ideas to others, it’s important to communicate our ideas clearly. We need to be able to articulate why we made specific decisions and where our design inspiration comes from to gain support or to answer feedback.

Testing and Optimization

Throughout the entire design process, we meticulously test our product, questioning its function and feel against our design principles. If necessary, we add changes, again involving others to ensure the product meets consumer needs.

Final Product

Through collaboration with product line managers, developers and other designers, we deliver product which upholds and communicates our design principles while meeting consumer needs. The evoSPEED is all that and therefore, purely PUMA.


Curiosity to question.

Empathy to unDerstand.

Commitment to challenge.

Creativity to solve.

Our Awards


Winterized Backpack

Red Dot Design Award

Ferrari Transform Backpack

Red Dot Design Award



Red Dot Design Award



Red Dot Design Award

Evoknit Move Infinite

Red Dot Design Award



Red Dot Design Award

Speed Fusefit

Red Dot Design Award


Footwear News Shoe of the Year Award


ISPO - Fitness Footwear

PWRRUN Night Cat Long

ISPO - Performance

ignite Disc sleeve

German Design Award
Good Design Award

Breaker Knit

German Design Award for Fahsion and Lifestyle

Super Atom Packaging

IF Design Award

AutoDisc Packaging

IF Design Award

Pace Hooded Backpack

IF Design Award
Red Dot Design Award

Tsugi Jun

IF Design Award

Muse Echo

IF Design Award

SF Evocat Sock

IF Design Award