Evolve PUMA Sourcing

Enable PUMA to transform innovative concepts and designs into the final product. At PUMA Sourcing, we connect with suppliers and other PUMA departments to pave the way to products that keep the world on its toes.

PUMA employee cuts out a piece of fabric

Goals in Sight

From local to global, PUMA Sourcing makes our products possible on a large scale through the effort of several different departments and roles. Whether it's creation, development, supply chain management, support, production or quality control, our global team is creative, proactive and takes ownership for each decision we make. By working in small groups, communicating with all necessary stakeholders, we maintain a close partnership to our suppliers in which everyone involved can rely on each other to realize amazing PUMA products.


Think Global

Our team works from different locations and is a colorful mix of different countries, locations and experiences.

Team Recruitment

Before new PUMA concepts become the stylish products we know, we find the right partners for supply management.

On All FielDS

PUMA Sourcing thinks global and local, and it pays off when our work is appreciated by mangers, teams, and customers alike.

Training Partners

We're directly involved in helping PUMA achieve our sustainability targets. That includes helping our suppliers grow in their potential through quality checks.

Speed up Sampling

We're taking our product samples a step further to be Forever Faster. By introducing virtual sampling, PUMA Sourcing can minimize the amount of samples we make until the final product hits the shelves. This is possible by visualizing concepts with correct predefinitions in 3D, cutting down on the time we need to align with our designers.


We have maintained relationships that have spanned 10 years or more with 70% of our suppliers.

Zoe Yuen Global Director Sourcing and Development Apparel & Accessories
Inspire connections

Sourcing around the World

We like being in close contact and easily accessible for our suppliers. And as a diverse and international company, PUMA gives you the chance to do just that in these locations:


A better brighter you

At PUMA Sourcing, we need to understand the entire manufacturing process. To give you the confidence to move in this area, PUMA offers factory workshops. These on-site trainings guide you through the process of making your own shirts in cooperation with our suppliers. Additionally, PUMA offers all the product knowledge you need to know, and technical trainings.


Move with PUMA

A position within our department comes with a lot of travel, even for local markets. This opens the opportunity to see and experience the world while filling the gap between local and global perspectives to see what's beyond.


Change of Perspective

We don't just have our single roles, we sometimes do more than our descriptions say. But that's only natural when working together – and that makes it all the more exciting and challenging.