This marketing campaign highlights PUMAs deep legacy as the Classic sneaker brand. PUMA will be examining the meaning of the word “Classic” through products, content, and impact created by “The Collective,” a group of Iconic Culture Influencers, who have shaped the sneaker game over the last 50 years.


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the collective

Each member of The Collective will highlight various Classic PUMA sneaker silhouettes with interviews, creative content, and product designs that help define both what it means to be a Classic, and what it means to have timeless influence.


Leading the fashion sector at Roc Nation and continuously connecting brands to the culture. This month, Jones celebrates his tenth year as a partner with PUMA along with his 50th birthday.
Emory Jones
Michael Camargo, CEO of The Vandal Group, is a tastemaker and cultural icon. His agency specializes in culturally relevant marketing, and leading initiatives to better represent Latin culture.
Michael Camargo
Harlem couturier and fashion designer, defined logo-mania before it had a name. Since the ‘80s he has been providing rap culture with his signature tailoring and textile printing, quickly becoming a community favorite.
Dapper Dan
Director and videographer known for creating groundbreaking music videos with Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Kanye West.

Designer and PUMA Creative Director. She can be credited with pioneering the visual aesthetic that came to define hip hop. Built the bridge between urban culture and luxury fashion brands.
A veteran executive in the music industry and photographer who has helped shape modern hip hop culture. Worked with Jay-Z and discovered artists like DJ Khaled. His tenures at Def Jam and Roc Nation have been monumental.
Lenny Santiago
Tastemaker and cultural icon. Leading initiatives to better represent Latin culture in the lifestyle space. His collaborations with partners like PUMA, and artists such as J Balvin have helped solidify larger conversations and educate the market on his community.
Mike Camargo
Founder and Creative Director of luxury streetwear brand Rhude. On a mission to reinstate a new American dream, he informs his brands through reflection of his own immigrant journey from the Philippines to LA.
Rhuigi Villaseñor
Former NBA player and current NY Knicks commentator. Drafted to the Knicks in 1967 as their first round pick and became a seven-time NBA All-Star who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1987. Known for redefining sportstyle with his courtside fashion.

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puma classic

From the streets to the courts, from the 1960s to today, PUMA Classics have been shaping sport and streetwear culture since day one. Their iconic silhouettes have been worn by the greats of every generation, and they continue to change the game today with their timeless designs and powerful legacies. It’s time to honor the sneaker icons of the past, present, and future – and to celebrate the next generations who will wear them and contribute to their stories.

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